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Los Angeles, CA, United States
Painter, sculptor, illustrator, teacher and tennis player, Thomas Hacker was born in Minnesota where he studied painting and metal casting at the University of Minnesota. After some time off and some travel he returned to the University of Minnesota to earn a Masters of Education. He was lucky to find opportunity at Malibu High where he has been teaching both middle and high school arts. Thomas’s work comes from a variety of sources; he draws inspiration from the landscape, the human form and expressionistic painting. Thomas’ s earlier works were primarily oil and tended towards pure abstraction. His most recent works are a combination ink wash and pen. These works address issues of growth, death, interaction and feature more organic/humanlike forms. They are often done in diptych format to convey a sense of conversation, transition and the idea of differing perspectives. Feel free to contact me about my work. mr.thomas.hacker@gmail.com

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pen and ink sketches

Some new drawings. Working on my portraits in pen.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What it is.

My work draws inspiration from landscapes, the human form and expressionism. I love the freedom and mark of the hand but also try to incorporate technical draftsmanship. My current work is titled the "Birth" series and draws a lot of inspiration from my new baby boy. I have been thinking a lot about relationships both with other people and with our environment. This series of work addresses conflict, consumption, communication, love and the newness of experience that comes with having a baby. A lot of my pieces involve the building and stacking of organic forms to create human like creatures. They are meant to be anonymous humanoid creatures that represent estrangement and also possibility. My work deals with the residual nature of relationships, how our past experiences affect our current relationships. I have been using a diptych format in some of my pieces to create a sense of communication and to illustrate different perspectives.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Trials, Temptations, Fear and Disappointment.